We support organisations to thrive by transforming leaders into healthy, energised role models for wellbeing

Your energy is contagious!

Discover how well you are managing your energy and impacting those around you with our free, 5 minute Healthy Savvy Leader Scorecard. You’ll learn your strengths, blindspots and get instant actionable insights.

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Health Savvy Leaders Programme

A cutting-edge programme for leaders who want to master the skills needed to role model health and wellbeing, manage their energy, take charge of their mind and create a thriving team culture.

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Energy Restore and Reboot

This is for busy professionals who need to refocus and reenergize. Its a self-guided, digital course that gives you a replicable system you can use whenever you need to regain balance. Think of it like booking yourself in for your own personal Energy MOT®.



If you want a healthy, thriving work culture, then you need your leaders to walk the talk. We provide workshops, keynotes and webinars to inspire and mobilise your workforce. Topics include energy at work, purpose, creating a thrivable brain and the link between wellbeing and leadership.

Why ThriveWise?

ThriveWise is a leading organisation in executive wellbeing and optimal performance. We have turned our PhD level research in what it takes to thrive at work into scalable solutions for businesses.

There is a growing drive to create healthy, happy workplaces. To do that, we need managers to support and energise their team and role model wellbeing at work. But, they are often running on empty, stressed and juggling day-to-day tasks. To truly embed a culture of wellbeing, we need to start with key executives and leaders.

That is where we come in. We help your leaders manage their own energy and then consciously leverage their increased vitality to create a ripple effect in the wider organisation. The result is positive spiral of increased engagement, performance and wellbeing.

We have helped energise hundreds of leaders and teams around the world (Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, education leaders, healthcare managers, tech CEOs).

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"Sarah Taylor is someone who combines a deep knowledge of a wide variety of emerging fields of research with practical experience of the workplace. She is someone who is helping us to navigate our way towards a better future in daunting and uncertain times"

Phil Hanlon

Emeritus Professor of Public Health, Glasgow University

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