Dr Sarah Taylor is the CEO of ThriveWise and its Lead Coach.

Sarah is here to help you lead from a foundation of wellbeing and optimal performance

She understands the unique wellbeing needs of leaders today. The clients she works with are driven by purpose. They are caring, intelligent people who want to make an impact. They know that to do their best work, they need high energy, focus and headspace.

Sarah has a decade of experience as an Organisational Development professional working with hundreds of leaders at all levels – from frontline supervisors to Chief Executives. She has dedicated her career to helping leaders bridge the gap between wellbeing theory and practice so that they can be at the top of their game and transform their experience of work and life. Nothing energises her more than seeing leaders unleash new levels of vitality and impact.

Sarah has a PhD in Health and Wellbeing, an MSc and a PGDip in Health and Public Leadership.

She is an accredited Executive Coach, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Mental Fitness Coach and a Certfied HeartMath Personal Resilience Coach. She is a member of the UK & International Health Coaching Association.

Sarah adheres to the Scope of Practice UKIHCA and the Scope of Practice of Well College Global (available on request).

As a Health and Wellbeing Coach, she uses skilful questioning, relevant tools and a supportive process to help clients work through challenges and become the masters of their own wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing coaching is non-judgemental and does not involve prescribing, diagnosing or treating. Rather, it is an empowering and growth-oriented two-way process.

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Credentials you can trust

Our team

Our team is a mix of coaches, advisors and specialists who are share a passion for creating thriving workplaces. The mix of expertise means we can offer a truly bespoke experience for leaders.

The skills and expertise in our wider team include:
  • Mindfulness
  • Restorative practice
  • NLP
  • Solutions focused conversations
  • HeartMath emotional self-regulation
  • Positive Intelligence
  • Counselling
  • Clinical hypnotherapy
  • Coaching supervision
  • Self-compassion

"Her extensive knowledge and intense listening coupled with her infectious positivity helped me regain a level of energy and focus that I had lost, it was like she rolled back 10+ years. I really feel like I now can focus for longer or as Sarah would say “be in the zone more of the time"

Steve Langmead

CEO, Commsworld

"I feel so lucky I found you Sarah! For me, always busy, always feeling stressed, our coaching has been truly ground-breaking. I can’t change workload, but by changing my response to it I am making myself a much more efficient worker, a more pleasant person to be..."

Coaching client

Senior Lecturer

"Sarah’s energy was really positive and infectious. I’ve had great light bulb moments where I feel I can now control my energy levels and that I have the right to work on reducing factors and situations that drain my energy"


Team Leader, City of Edinburgh Council