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Developing Health-Savvy Leaders

The cornerstone of a true culture of wellbeing begins with leadership. But despite the crucial role that managers play in their team’s wellbeing, they often lack the skills and tools to create a thriving, supportive environment.

They also face high stress-levels, competing demands and relentless change. Our manager development programmes are designed to equip your people managers with the skills and tools to role model wellbeing, have supportive conversations, prevent burnout and create psychological safety.

It is time to break the cycle and create thriving, health-savvy leaders who:
  • Manage their energy levels to excel for the long run without burning out
  • Navigate complexity and uncertainty without becoming overwhelmed
  • Use and direct their energy to positively impact performance, relationships and culture
  • Turn their good intentions into consistent healthy habits at work to be a role model for others
  • Motivate from a place of purpose rather than pressure
  • Feel confident in supporting the wellbeing of their team using a coaching approach
  • Generate time for focused, deep work to help them stay on track to achieve their strategic priorities
  • Use their leadership to influence the wider system to embed wellbeing at the roots
  • Have the mindsets, skills and tools to be a catalyst for a culture of wellbeing

Our Manager Programmes

We help managers develop the skills and tools to be confident wellbeing leaders with a structured learning journey:

  • Increase Self-Awareness: Start with our health-savvy leader scorecard for a clear insight into your leadership strengths and growth areas.
  • Cultivate A Mindset of Thriving: Cultivate a mindset where wellbeing is key to high performance, establishing it as a core leadership duty. Learn to exemplify and advocate for a health-focused culture.
  • Build A Foundation of Self-Care: Dive into self-care strategies tailored to the unique needs and challenges of leadership, covering energy management, stress recovery, and setting boundaries.
  • Master Team Wellbeing Skills: Focus on enhancing team wellbeing through psychologically safe spaces, recognising burnout signs, and supporting team health, essential for a resilient team dynamic.
  • Embed Sustainable Habits: Embed wellbeing into daily routines for lasting change, with habits that promote continuous team wellbeing. Supported by a digital toolkit and a personalised plan for ongoing development.


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Customisable For Your Organisation’s Needs
  • Our pathway is carefully curated, but our delivery style is flexible. Whether through small group cohorts, dynamic larger workshops, or a train-the-trainer model for in-house delivery, we ensure our program fits your organisational needs and goals.

    Let's tailor the perfect learning experience together.