How Effective Is Your Wellbeing Strategy?

Understanding the real impact of your wellbeing initiatives is crucial to ensuring they deliver lasting benefits across your organisation. Our approach will help you identify where you are at in your wellbeing journey, where you are doing well and how you might continue to evolve and improve your approach.

How Effective Is Your Wellbeing Strategy?

  • Clarity

    • Gain a clear, evidence-based understanding of your current wellbeing landscape, and see how your wellbeing initiatives stack up to the latest research and industry best practice.

  • Enhanced Employee Insight

    • Direct feedback from your workforce provides invaluable insights into the real impact of existing policies and uncovers new opportunities for meaningful improvements.

  • Actionable Recommendations

    • Receive a comprehensive report filled with practical recommendations designed to boost your wellbeing initiatives' effectiveness and sustainability.

  • Measurable Impact

    • Establish a solid foundation for tracking the success of your wellbeing approaches , allowing for ongoing adjustment and optimisation.

  • Independent Assurance

    • Gain credibility and trust among employees with validation from an external, unbiased source, reinforcing your commitment to their wellbeing and the integrity of your initiatives.


    We use a blend of desk research, horizon scanning, discovery interviews and focus groups to bring you a truly holistic assessment with actionable recommendations to continually evolve and adapt your approach to maximise its effectiveness.


"It was a privilege to have Dr Sarah Taylor host a series of Energy MOT sessions as part of the City of Glasgow College winter wellbeing programme. Participants could easily transfer the practices to self-manage their energy and cascade the learning within teams and the wider student community. Sarah’s passion for her subject helped ensure high levels of engagement and has inspired a group of colleagues to work collaboratively beyond the sessions. This certainly, exceeded our original expectations"


"I attended your session today and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. In my experience, taster sessions like these normally just reinforce all of the things that I already know I should be doing, but never seem to make the time to do.Today was so different! You provided me with some really good take-aways that I am definitely going to make the time to try!"


"Sarah’s energy was really positive and infectious and the way she explained energy drains/gains was easy to understand. I had a great light bulb moment during it where I felt I could now control my energy levels and I feel I have the right tools now to work on reducing factors/situations that drain my energy"